FENECH & FENECH ADVOCATES new york, we love new york FENECH & FENECH ADVOCATES new york, we love new york FENECH & FENECH ADVOCATES new york, we love new york FENECH & FENECH ADVOCATES new york, we love new york FENECH & FENECH ADVOCATES new york, we love new york


Fenech & Fenech Advocates is the oldest law firm on the island. It is the only firm having four distinct departments specializing in different aspects of maritime law - registration, yachting, finance and marine litigation. In the 80’s it was one of the first firms to provide a fully comprehensive and professional service to owners interested in registering vessels under the Malta Flag and has since been actively involved in assisting with the law’s constant development aimed at providing solutions to the international shipping community.


We are proud of the fact that the firm has assisted in making the Maltese maritime flag today the largest flag in Europe. We aim to draw on our extensive maritime experience and expertise and expertise and to fully use it to understand each client’s requirements with a view to giving him or her value for money tailor made solutions. Our yachting department provides comprehensive legal assistance to both private yacht and commercial yacht owners. We do not only provide the owner with what he/she thinks is good for him/her, we advise on what is truly the best solution for him/her.


Enjoying excellent relations with the relative authorities whilst drawing on our years of experience in the shipping sector, our yachting department handles the entire procedure relating to the Maltese leasing structure. The Guidelines Regarding VAT Treatment of Yachting Leasing were launched by the Maltese VAT department with the aim of assisting yacht owners to pay VAT on their yachts calculated on the percentage of the time that the vessel is deemed to sail in EU waters and for them to obtain a VAT paid certificate at the termination of the structure.


We are able to advise owners, charterers and managers on a number of solutions relative to the ownership and operation of yachts intended for commercial use depending on their individual requirements and intended operations. Our services include the setting up of Maltese shipping organisations, the provision of VAT/tax advice, handling of VAT/tax compliance, assistance with the importation of yachts into Malta, and the provision of advice and handling of VAT compliance relating to yacht charters in terms of the Guidelines for the VAT Treatment of Short-Term Yacht Hiring.


Having years of experience in the sector, our team is available to assist you in taking full advantage of the benefits of the Malta flag, which include low registration costs, straightforward and quick registration procedures and 24-hour ship registry services.


With a background of long involvement in the field and working in the context of a sound legal framework offering substantial comfort to financiers, our ship finance department is one of the preferred on the island.


  • Advice on the best solution for the owner, charterer, financier.
  • Solutions relative to both private and commercial yacht registration.
  • Yacht leasing structure.
  • Handling of VAT on charters.
  • Private yacht registration.
  • Commercial yacht registration.
  • Importation Procedures.
  • Registration of mortgages and ship finance.
  • Setting up of shipping organisations.
  • Being a law firm with several other specialised departments we can advise clients in a holistic manner depending on his/her requirements.



Address: Fenech & Fenech Advocates, 198, Old Bakery Street, Valletta, VLT1455, Malta.

Tel: (+356) 2124 1232, (+356) 2599 0640

Email: ann.fenech@fenlex.com, alison.vassallo@fenlex.com


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