MARITIME2MOBILE LTD. new york, we love new york MARITIME2MOBILE LTD. new york, we love new york MARITIME2MOBILE LTD. new york, we love new york MARITIME2MOBILE LTD. new york, we love new york



Maritime2Mobile is a full-service provider of LTE solutions to the Yacht industry. We have many years of experience in wireless network solution provision for terrestrial and maritime customers. We have designed and implemented maritime networks for Naval Fleets, Cruise Lines, and Commercial Shipping since the early 2000’s. Maritime2Mobile has global carrier agreements that assure the highest levels of quality from our Network Partners and our fair tariff plans, which are not subject to data throttling.



Providing high speed connectivity solutions for Yacht owners, guests and crew can be a complex problem with many separate elements to configure. At Maritime2Mobile we focus on multi-SIM data packages to deliver boundary free connectivity to the Yacht industry. We have developed a robust data delivery platform with Over-The-Air (OTA) capabilities that provides connectivity for individuals and shipboard IoT devices.


To keep you in-touch at a fair cost with highest levels of quality and data speed delivered by the best Mobile Networks on your Yacht to make your life easier and more connected.


Maritime2Mobile’s secure SIM card manages user profiles in real time. Our proprietary technology allows SIM identity to be updated for rapid fault management. Our service is globally implemented today and used in conjunction with large scale enterprise customers. Our platform controls security, activation, provisioning, and billing for any Maritime2Mobile users. Maritime2Mobile’s founders are accomplished wireless executives and engineers, each with decades of experience in international telephony, cellular and wireless data offerings. Ship to Shore LTE, with OTA controls and network monitoring providing the next level of quality services, combined with competitive pricing



Tailored for your needs

  • Captains

Our solutions provide connectivity as a service enabling global reach and allowing for rapid analysis of fault reporting with portability of SIM packages across various devices connected to vessel’s Wireless Networks. Our SIM packages provide transparency for billing control and flexibility for the management of the devices on the vessel for the benefit of all those aboard the Yacht.

  • Crew

Maritime2Mobile will enable improved access to data services for the entire crew onboard a Yacht. Our personal wireless solution can be configured to meet the specific crew access profiles. Our SIM packages are available in pre-paid bundles with several data roaming options, to keep you on a data network wherever you are. Additionally, Maritime2Mobile will be adding a voice and messaging app to our portfolio of service offerings in the coming months.



Address: Maritime2Mobile Ltd. 113/4 The Strand, Gzira, GRZ1027, Malta.

Tel: (+356) 7714 1006


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